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Project-G Windblocker (NA)
90-97 Mazda Miata


Windblocker by Project-G - $40 Sale Price ($52 MSRP)
Our windblocker actually works wonderfully with our G-String Premium Bikini Tops. These windblockers keep the heater in at night, and ac during the day. The windblocker helps eliminate the annoying back draft while making the ride more enjoyable. The back draft is caused by a vacuum or low pressure zone that is created when wind flows over the windshield as well as over your head.

This finished piece enhances the look of the car. It's a very elegant way to display a logo or decal as well. Illuminating it is another possibility. Our windblocker affixes on to the factory seatbelt brace, but you may be able to retrofit it onto a harness bar.

Helps eliminate back draft
Reduces wind noise
Keeps comfortable temperatures inside
Prime decal location

 1 - Clear Windblocker
 2 - Velcro Straps With Ring


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